You Can Find a Season 2 Tease in OMITB’s Latest Episode

Season one of Only Murders in the Building hasn’t even ended, but we’re desperate for news about season two. So, while chatting exclusively with series co-creator John Hoffman, we, of course, asked for any tidbit he could tease about part two of the Hulu original—and he happily obliged. 

Although Hoffman made it clear that season two wasn’t officially a go yet, he did confirm that the plot for the new season was already teased in episode four, which dropped Sept. 7 on the streaming service. “At the end of episode four, we’re saying it, with a little bit of a tease,” he told E! News. “Cinda Canning is the one who holds the tease, [the] amazing Tina Fey.”

As Hoffman continued, he confirmed that Cinda’s monologue at the end of episode four “points, a little bit, to the potential for season two.”

For those who’ve yet to tune in to the new episode, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) take a meeting with podcasting legend Cinda Canning for advice on their true crime podcast. Although Cinda initially seems underwhelmed by their pitch, a flash forward reveals that the Arconia trio is now the subject of her latest podcast, Only Murderers in the Building.

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