Would We Get Honda HR-V Hybrid Variant?

Honda HR-V is the most talked about upcoming car in Pakistan now a days, as there is news that we will get this crossover SUV in a few weeks. So, excitement is justified. As you all know, the Honda HR-V comes in both petrol and hybrid variants in global markets, so the question of the local customer is natural, whether we will get a hybrid variant or not. To get the answer, we decided to contact our sources along with presenting our own expert opinion, keeping the international trends in view.

Are We Getting Honda HR-V Hybrid? 

As per our sources and opinion, we will get the Honda HR-V hybrid variant. The sources said that the company is planning to launch two variants, 1.5T petrol, and 1.5 hybrid. However, the hybrid one would be delayed. “Most probably, the hybrid variant will come after a gap of few months, but we will get it,” the sources claimed.

And it is a good news because hybrid cars are getting quite famous in Pakistan due to high petrol prices. A hybrid vehicle by Honda Atlas will be an excellent offer for local consumers, and Honda fans will surely go for the car.

Potential Price

Yesterday, we discussed the potential price of the petrol variant, which we think would be between Rs. 8.5 million to Rs. 9.5 million. Now the sources have told us that it could be closer to Rs. 8.5 million. Meanwhile, the possible price of the Honda HR-V hybrid would be between Rs. 9 million and Rs. 9.5 million.

So far, there is no confirmation from the company about the rate, so we have to wait for a few more weeks for the confirmation. Till then, keep your seatbelts fastened and wait light on because this could be the last major car launch of this year in Pakistan.

Do you think we will get Honda HR-V hybrid or not? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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