Welcome to the Skin Store for Rust Console Edition

The Skin Store for Rust Console Edition is finally here! October 7 marks the release of our first content update, adding to the game new monuments and the possibility to customize the way you look via our exciting cosmetic shop!

Skins will be available in bundles centered around a specific theme, but players can also buy them individually if they wish. Each bundle will contain 5 or 6 unique individual cosmetic items like the Shinobi pack shown in the image above! Buying the full set as a bundle will be cheaper than buying each skin individually, but is up to the player to decide how they want to do it.

Skin packs will be split into three different tiers, those being Common, Rare, and Epic. Upon release Common Packs will cost 450 Rust Coins, Rares will cost 1000 Rust Coins, and Epic packs will cost 2000 Rust Coins. Rarity Tiers will be set by packs and not by each skin individually.

Themes will typically run on the store for the duration of the monthly wipe, with new sets of items dropping every two weeks (plus special one off packs added to the mix).

Rust: Console Edition

In the main menu of the store you will be able to cycle through the collections to see which packs better suit your style. Choose wisely! 

You will also have the option to inspect the collection and check all the individual skins inside of it, allowing you to buy only the ones you like the most.

Rust: Console Edition

You can also inspect each item individually with a full 360° 3D render before you buy them, so you can have a better perception of how the item will look once you have it equipped in game!

There’s also a brand new addition to the menu called The Locker. This will allow you  to check your vast collection of owned skins. Super useful if you’re looking to flex on your clan members…

Rust: Console Edition

Jokes aside, all the UI for the skins store and the Locker was designed with our players in mind, making it as friendly and easy to use as possible but some changes might come in the future based on player feedback so don’t be shy, if you would like to see any changes please let us know!

We know most of you are as excited as we are for the release of the Skin Store and we can’t wait to finally release it for everyone. See you on the island, survivors!

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Rust Console Edition

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Welcome to Rust.

The only aim in Rust is to survive – Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players.

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