TikTok Star Timbo the Redneck’s Cause of Death Revealed

UPDATE: TikTok star Timbo the Redneck, born Timothy Hall, died on July 31 of accidental mechanical/positional asphyxia, a Jacksonville, Fla. medical examiner ruled, according to an autopsy report obtained by E! News. The 18-year-old social media personality was driving a pickup truck in a grassy field when it rotated, causing Hall to lose control, per a press release from the Florida Highway Patrol. The truck overturned onto its left side and Hall was pronounced dead at the scene.


TikTok fans are mourning the loss of a young rising star on the platform. 

Timothy Hall, an 18-year-old Fla. man known by his TikTok personality “Timbo the Redneck,” died on July 31, according to his mother Tessie, who confirmed the news in a video posted to her son’s account. “He won’t be making anymore videos,” she told his 202,000 followers. “My son was in a bad accident yesterday and didn’t make it and I want to thank everybody for all the fans that he had. He loved TikTok and just believed in all the fans and everybody that supported him. It meant a lot to him.” Tearful Tessie noted, “My heart is just so broken.”

The teenager had recently graduated high school. “Thank u baby Jesus,” he wrote on Instagram in May, “that’s over with,” 

In a YouTube video, Timothy’s future brother-in-law Tony, who appeared in some of his videos, explained the TikToker was doing “doughnuts” in his truck when the truck flipped over, sending Timothy out the driver’s window with the truck landing on top of him. 

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