The Real’s Jeannie Mai Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby With Jeezy

Now this is a real good announcement! 

As The Real kicked off season eight on Monday, Sept. 20, one of the co-hosts had a very big life update to share. At the beginning of the show, Jeannie Mai Jenkins confirmed that she is pregnant and expecting her first child with her husband Jeezy.

“I can definitely say that our real fam is growing,” she told her co-hosts. “It’s been really hard to keep all of these secrets from you guys because we’ve had so much to reveal here at the show, including the fact that…I am pregnant!”

During her announcement, Jeannie recalled the years when she didn’t think being a mom was part of her life plan. But after meeting Jeezy, things began to change. 

“I do know that you never say never, and that love can really change you and I’m so thankful to be on a show that’s really helped me to grow and to evolve and to see myself differently than I would have ever imagined seeing myself,” she shared, adding that she knew, “I’ve got to come home and tell the girls that have always accepted me at every stage of my life, have been through my ups and downs and have always encouraged me to a place where, I feel like you’ve all individually always told me to, if I wanted to be a mom, I’d be an awesome mom.”

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