Suzuki Khyber Restoration in 6 Lacs – Owner Review

With the spiking price of new cars and staggering import duties, buying a brand-new vehicle isn’t within the commoner’s reach. However, the restoration of old models is an in-demand stream through which you can get a personalized car without breaking the bank. In this blog, we are bringing a low-budget upgrade of an old Suzuki Khyber.


It was a 2000 Suzuki Khyber in good condition with respect to frame, engine, and body. Despite the fact that the overall color theme, interior, and exterior were a sight to old-school tastes, functionality was on the mark, which made it a premium choice for restoration by the customer.

Modification Details

From the front, an aftermarket bumper from a 1989 Suzuki Cultus was used, while sideways and indicator lights were purchased from a Suzuki used parts dealership. 15-inch rims with XXR low-profile wheels were installed to give it a sporty look.

Moving on to the back, a used set of smokey taillights was installed, and a normal exhaust pipe and tinted glasses were incorporated to make its appearance pronounced.

The engine room was redesigned with new engine seals, packings, and hose pipes while keeping the functionality of the engine in stock condition.

The interior has been completely redesigned, with a sporty touch in black and red. New sporty bucket seats, power window, armrest, console, digital speedometer, and air conditioner were installed.

This Suzuki Khyber was upgraded to keyless entry by installing an RFID sensor and anti-theft alert for improved safety. The performance was upgraded by tweaking the suspension and brakes.

Lastly, the sporty look was refined with a paint job done in the magical switch color option, transitioning from green to blue hues.

Suzuki Khyber Restoration Price

This 2000 Suzuki Khyber was bought in 2 lacs, and the other expenditures are as follows:

  • Expense on engine + suspension 70,000
  • Rims and tires 1.5 to 2 lacs
  • Paint Job 1.5 lac
  • Interior 80,000
  • Total restoration cost: 6 lacs

If you are interested in giving your old-looking cars a modern look you can check our blogs on PakWheels’ official website for inspiration or comment below for a piece of advice.

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