Shamoon Ismail drops new album titled ‘Scars and Screws’

Singer Shamoon Ismail dropped his latest offering, an album titled Scars and Screws, today. The musician had teased the album a week ago, letting fans know the release date. The 12-track album features other artists including Hasan Raheem of Aisay Kaisay fame and Talha Anjum. 

Raheem features on a track named Faasla, which the musician posted to his own stories as well. Ismail has also collaborated with music producer Ravalio on the album. He has made his mark in the Pakistani music scene and has also crossed the border straight into the playlists of international public figures such as Ilhan Omar. 

The US Congresswoman recently unveiled her playlist of the Muslim artists she jams to from around the world, and it featured Ismail along with fellow Pakistani musician Abdullah Siddiqui. Omar, 38, pledged to promote Muslim artists around the world as she revealed her Spotify playlist on International Women’s day consisting of many female artists.

This was followed by another set of playlists that featured hit single Kids, by Ismail and Siddiqui. She had captioned her post, “I am jamming to the second part of my Muslim Vibes playlist as we pass the final bill to send checks to people and Sensible Gun Control legislation. I hope you check out these [fire emoji] artists, who are mostly unknown to US audience and give them a boost.”

Bollywood actor Rohit Saraf, who has appeared in various popular films such as The Sky Is Pink, Ludo and Hichki, also shared a photo on his Instagram with a caption reading, “Can’t stop listening to @shamoonismail‘s music.”

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