Rhythm Action Roguelike BPM: Bullets Per Minute Available Now

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is a rhythm-action FPS roguelike where you must shoot, jump, dodge and reload to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack that’ll have you headbanging to the beat! Described as “Metal as Hell” by NME, the pulsating synths and crushing guitars escort you as you battle through your adventure.

Choose your champion to defeat the hordes and send them back to Helheim. Each Valkyrie starts off with a unique weapon and stats that can be expanded upon as you progress through the stages. Delve into randomly generated dungeons, collect a variety of weapons and abilities to aid your cause, but remember, every dodge, bullet, reload must be performed in sync with the music. A string of missed notes can lead to your demise, so keep your ears peeled to those beats!

An array of enemies with unique rhythmic behaviors randomly generates in each stage. Defeating them clears the room and allows you to progress to the next. Every floor has a boss, and much like each enemy, every boss moves and attacks in a unique way that you must learn to exploit if you want to succeed. Defeating 7 bosses leads you to take on your ancient foe, Nidhogg.

Bullets Per Minute

To aid you in battle, you’ll discover merchants on each floor where you can purchase health, armor, weapons and upgrades. You’ll even be added to their loyalty program, so rack up points and get those upgrades.

But that’s not all, as you journey through the different rooms, you’ll discover a variety of shrines. Make sure to check them out and part way with some coin… you might be blessed with an ability upgrade or item depending on the shrine.

Bullets Per Minute

New or pro to rhythm-based games?

BPM offers several difficulty modes making it largely accessible for newcomers and pros alike. From ‘practice mode’ where everything is slowed down allowing newcomers to get the hang of the shooting and reloading to the beat, or turn on the auto-rhythm located in the options menu – all the way to the most challenging mode: hellish. Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?

If that wasn’t enough, challenge rooms pop up during every stage where you can test your metal.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is available today for Xbox One and playable on Xbox Series X|S running up to 4k 60fps. Get ready to conquer the lords of Helheim!

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BPM: Bullets Per Minute

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Photosensitive Warning: A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures.

BPM is a Rhythm-FPS developed by Awe Interactive.

Fight as a mighty Valkyrie to repel the forces of the underworld from invading the world of Asgard.

In BPM, all of your actions and the actions of your enemies are tied to the beat of the music. Your enemies perform a dance-like sequence of attacks to an epic rock opera. Inspired by retro shooters of the ’90s, it is fast, frenetic and rhythmical. You can double jump, dash, rocket jump and bunny hop to evade your opponents.

Your goal is to reach the end of randomly generated dungeons, collecting different weapons, abilities and items each time you play. These weapons and abilities can radically alter the way you play, making each playthrough unique.

You must defeat 7 bosses to reach the final boss. Each boss moves and attacks in a unique way that you must learn to exploit if you want to succeed. Some attacks require you to jump over fields of lava, some to dodge fast projectiles, some to hold fast for a beat.

Get ready to test your metal with the Overdrive update. New characters, more weapons, a brand-new chapter and all-new difficulty modes: Practice and Hellish.

• Shoot, jump and dodge to the beat while battling hordes of enemies.
• Fight powerful bosses in challenging boss battles that will push you to the edge.
• Explore randomly generated dungeons.
• Choose from 10 different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses.
• Wield a powerful arsenal of weapons, all with different behaviour for firing and reloading to the beat of the soundtrack.
• Battle a diverse array of enemies, each with unique rhythmic behaviours.
• Get overpowered and fire shotgun rockets while flying through the air.
• Utilize abilities that radically alter the way you play the game, from teleport to freezing bolts.
• Equip over 60 items that buff your character in unique and interesting ways.
• Experience an epic rock opera soundtrack.
• Challenge modes for extra gameplay.

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