Privacy Policy of News Parho

First and foremost thing, your privacy is what matters to us the most. It is News Parho’s privacy policy to respect your privacy and comply with any applicable law and regulation regarding any personal information we may collect about you, including across our website,, and other sites we own and operate.

This policy is effective as of 12 March 2021 and was last updated on 12 March 2021.

Collected Information

When you take part in any of our products, services, or promotions, your information is collected. But keep in mind, it’s the only data which you provide yourself actively and knowingly. Sometimes, your devices automatically send your saved data while participating in some of the services only.

Log Data

Whenever you visit our website, some of the standard data provided by your web browser like Google, Firefox would be logged. These include your device Wi-Fi / IP address, the time and date of your last visit, the duration of time you spent on different pages, the phone browser’s version, and common details about your visit to our website.

Please note that this information doesn’t show any personally identified data, but it could be coined with other information to identify individual persons.

Use of Collected Information

When you access our content through your mobile device or web browser or contact us via social media, emails, or other sources, your given information would be collected. It could behold or can be in use for storing general information especially for research purposes but from our trusted sources only. But your personal information will not be processed or used for purposes not mentioned above.

Security of Personal Information

We ensure you that your provided data to our website will be secured and protected with our best means. This will be applicable while processing your data or retaining it. We will secure it from any unauthorized access, modification and theft. Your data will not be lost.

But keep in mind electronic transmission is not 100% secure always. We could protect it only within the laws applicable to us. Thus, absolute data security in case of data breaching is not possible. We recommend you put a strong-strength password. Otherwise, we can protect your information within our bounds of working only.

How Long Your Information Would Be Stored

It depends on for what purposes we are using your information. If your information is no longer required, we will delete it or completely remove your identity making it anonymous. On the other hand, we can retain your personal information for a few purposes like:

  • Accounting Obligation
  • Legal Obligation
  • Reporting Obligation
  • Archiving purposes for public interests
  • Any scientific research
  • Any historical research
  • Any statistical purpose.

Children’s Privacy

We do not collect any information on children under the age of 13. We do not target our products or services to children under 13. So, if they want to access our content, their data would not be stored on our servers.

International Transfers of Personal Information

We want you to make sure here that the above-mentioned information we collect above people of age 13 would be stored or processed and could be transferred to our trusted affiliates. But the area to which we process or transfer your data may not have the same law to which we are obliged to. However, the transfers would be in accordance with the law. We will protect your “transferred” information according to this privacy policy.

Your Rights to Controlling Your Personal Information

  • It is always you who have the right to keep or withhold your personal data from us. We will not limit our content to those who exercise any rights to their personal information. Also, you will not be discriminated against at any stage. However, your experience with some of our product services might be affected.
  • If you see at any stage that we are holding, storing, or disclosing your detailed personal information, you retain the rights to request for withholding.
  • If you previously agreed to our privacy policies, you can change your mind at any stage. We always provide our subscribers to un-subscribe from our email-databases.
  • If any of our third-party associates send information about you, it would be our responsibility to protect it according to the set privacy policy.

Limits of Our Policy

Our site may be connected to other external sites over which we have no control. We cannot control or regulate their policies. If they interfere with any privacy practices, we would not be responsible or liable for that.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Please note that we can change our privacy policies anytime in accordance with the law. This will depend on

  • Our Business Processes
  • Current Acceptable Practices
  • Legislative Changes
  • Regulatory Changes

However, we would be bound to get your permission for any new uses of your personal data.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you may contact us using the following details:


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