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It wasn’t long ago that Pepsi garnered an avalanche of praise from netizens not only in Pakistan but also across the globe for its song ‘Burger-e-Karachi’. The carbonated soft drink manufacturer is once again in the news for all the right reasons.

The latest Pepsi track, ‘Why Not Meri Jaan’ featuring Rap Demon, continues to win the hearts of people, especially the youth. With its campaign, Pepsi is taking a stand for youth empowerment and self-belief. But in which way do the lyrics of the song echoes the core message of the campaign? Let’s explore.

By roping in Rap Demon, Pepsi Pakistan encouraged young minds to question those criticising their choices and decisions, thus fostering a sense of faith and belief in the young so that they can flourish in their respective futures.

The track is influenced by inspiration, as the artist himself had a very inspiring story. Rap Demon was an independent artist who did everything himself – including promoting, recording, and writing about music. Ultimately, he got to the point where his lyrics told the story, and he has now reached a stage of success that most aspiring musicians only dream about.


Lyrics like ‘Humain gintay wo ghairon mein, appnay ko kya, kya boltay hein ye log convey a fairly simple message that you shouldn’t care what other people say. Similarly, the verse Mein lawyer nahi to mein actor, mein doctor nahi to mein rapper’ suggests that in life one is free to pursue any career path they choose without having to conform to any social norms.

As the movement gains more traction, young people are becoming increasingly receptive to it. Moreover, the rap music adds a unique dimension to the experience, making it truly memorable for the audience. The movement aims to eliminate the stigma existing in our society, the pressure to only pursue careers that are suitable to society, and to avoid anything that might bring shame to an individual’s family.

People have been listening to this song non-stop as well as gushing over it. In fact, people of all ages have been captivated by it since its release because it appeals to their feelings. This song speaks for every Pakistani who is questioning the long-standing norms.

Using Rap Demon to partake in this movement, Pepsi has posed the question, “Why Not?”. The campaign encourages people to ask questions when others doubt their decisions, and the outpouring of love shown toward this initiative only proves that Pepsi and Rap Ramon have accomplished their goal in a brilliant way.

We applaud Pepsi Pakistan for its efforts to target people struggling with conflict in their hearts, thus building confidence, and negating stereotypical pressures


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