Not Reducing Price of Sportage – Kia Pakistan

Amid the ongoing wave of price reductions and repeated inquiries, Kia Pakistan has announced that it has no immediate plan to reduce the price of its crossover SUV, Kia Sportage. In an official statement, the company stated after the recent price adjustment for Kia Stonic, we have noticed a surge in inquiries regarding possible price reduction on the Sportage lineup (including Black Edition, AWD, FWD and Alpha variants). “These questions are beyond the previously offered Limited Time promotion on the car,” the statement read.

The company firmly stated that, considering the stability of foreign exchange, taxation and duties structure and commodity prices, there will be no further price reduction on Sportage. The car assembler concluded that thy are committed to maintaining the limited time offer on all variants of Sportage and have already extended it till May 31, 2024.

Wave of Price Reduction 

It is pertinent to mention that Kia Pakistan is currently offering a Rs. 300,000 price reduction on the Kia Sportage, the offer mentioned above. Kia Pakistan was the first major company to initiate the recent price decrease wave in Pakistan after it announced a massive drop of Rs. 1500,000 lacs in price of Kia Stonic, taking the price down from Rs. 6,280,000 all the way to Rs.  Rs. 4,767,000. This caused quite a stir among the consumers. The announcement was a fresh breath of air for the stagnant market, which has been phasing through a tough time for the last couple of years, and this led to price reductions of Suzuki Swift and Peugeot 2008.

After the price reduction, the response was so “overwhelming” that the company had to close Stonic’s bookings. “The demand surged, leading to a rush of bookings for the Stonic, stretching deliveries until September 2024. With the delivery queue extending, Lucky Motors assured customers that the process would commence in May 2024, adhering to the sequence of bookings,” Kia said in a statement.

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