Nicole Scherzinger’s Lawyer Slams Robin Antin’s Lawsuit

In response, Antin’s lawyer Richard Busch told E! News, “This lawsuit is not preventing the tour. It was filed as a last resort. Robin has been trying to make this reunion tour happen for over 7 years. Nicole and the girls had finally agreed to terms and it was scheduled to begin, but then the global pandemic happened forcing the tour to be postponed. Live Nation, promoters and Robin have all been laser-focused on rescheduling dates. The $600,000 from Live Nation went into tour preparation. Nicole, however, has been refusing to cooperate under the terms of the MOU saying via counsel she is not obligated and proposing new terms where she is now demanding 75% of the brand, and that the 49% of the PCD brand that Robin already gave her to participate in the tour (which Nicole accepted) now does not work for her. Nicole even directly states this in an email that she personally sent on May 17, 2021: ‘where we stand will not work for me. Sorry, unless we are able to work this out I will not be participating in the tour.'” 

“Robin is devastated that it has come to this,” Busch concluded, “because she wants nothing more than to save the tour and feels her hand has been forced. The other PCD members, Robin, Live Nation and promoters were all relying on Nicole’s commitment for 45 shows.”

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