Next-Gen Honda Amaze to Launch This Year

A compact sedan synonymous with Honda City and Elevate, it is a naturally aspirated car with affordable fuel economy and competitive features. In an era where consumers are running to shift their standard from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs, the Honda Amaze is a cool move from the Japanese automaker to diversify its line of economical options.

Honda Amaze – History

It was first launched in 2013 with the brand name Honda Brio Amaze in a model line complementing Honda City and Elevate. This model was specifically targeted for the Indian market as it practices a lower excise duty on cars below 4 metres. The second-generation of Amaze came up in 2018 with major tweaks and received an uplift in 2021 which is the current model present now in the country. Now the generation of Honda Amaze is set to reveal later this year with major modifications in the exterior and interior too.

Amaze Will be Under 4 Metres

Honda Amaze used to have an equivalent platform to Honda City and Elevate, but now the platform of the next-generation Amaze will be modified to bring it under 4 meters. In comparison, the current City has a wheelbase of 2,600mm and, Elevate has 2,650mm and Amaze has it of 2,470mm which will be further reduced in the upcoming Honda Amaze.

Engine Details

Most likely, Honda will carry forward the 1.2 Litre natural combustion engine of Honda Amaze in the next generation. The current model comes with a 5-speed manual or 7-speed CVT transmission and produces 89bhp and 110Nm of torque.

Modifications in Interior

Although Honda has not revealed many details about the tweaks in its interior, we expect it to introduce modified LED headlamps, an infotainment unit, premium upholstery, and, not to forget, the upgraded ADAS features. Expectedly, Honda Amaze will hit the roads in mid- or late 2024 during the Diwali festive season in India.

Should Honda bring these models to Pakistan as well? Let us know in the comments below.


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