Limited Time Offer – Kia Sportage Price in Pakistan Reduced

In a limited-time offer, Kia Sportage price in Pakistan has been reduced. The company’s social media post read: “Your love for Kia is stronger than ever. And to show our appreciation, we are introducing a limited-time offer on Pakistan’s favorite SUV.”

As per the post, the prices have been decreased up to Rs. 251,000.

New Kia Sportage Price in Pakistan

The first and base variant, Kia Sportage Alpha, saw a decline of Rs. 251,000 taking the price to Rs. 5,999,000 from Rs. 6,250,000.

The price of the second one, Kia Sportage Front Wheel Drive (FWD), has been reduced by Rs. 101,000, meaning the new price is Rs. 6,649,000 compared to the previous Rs. 6,750,000.

The top-of-the-line variant, Kia Sportage All Wheel Drive (AWD), also observed a decrease of Rs. 101,000, and now it will cost Rs. 7,149,000 against old rate of Rs. 7,250,000.

It is pertinent to mention that Kia Lucky Motors has not specified the time period of this offer. So, visit your nearby Kia dealership and book the variant of your choice. The car manufacturer has reduced the prices amid Pakistani rupee’s strong performance against the US dollar. In the last ten days, the dollar price has come down to 227 from the record-high of Rs. 240 in the interbank.

Although these are not permanent Kia Sportage car prices, it is a good step by the company to provide temporary relief to the consumers. If the rupee keeps performing well against the US dollar, we can expect price reductions from the local auto companies. But the performance should be steady for the next couple of months because it would lead to stability in the auto industry, and its benefits could be transferred to the buyers.

So, let us all hope for stability in the car market and dollar rate in the coming months.

What do you think about this limited offer on Kia Sportage price in Pakistan? Are you planning to book a Sportage? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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