Inside the Teyana Taylor x PrettyLittleThing NYFW Show

E!:  When you were growing up in Harlem, did you ever think one day, you would be showing at New York Fashion Week?
TT: No, it’s crazy. No, but like I’ve always been a character. I’ve always been into everything dancing, singing, skateboarding, acting, dressing up in my mom’s clothes. I knew I’d be doing something I just never thought New York Fashion Week or fashion week period, you know? I’m the one that go and sit down at the show. So now that I’m actually hosting my own is crazy.

E!: Tell us about the line. 
TT: This is like raw throwback New York. You know it’s about to be cold. It’s about to be bubble coat season, you know I’m saying. I wanted to represent for the and the comfy wear.

E! You have a lot of unisex pieces. Tell me about that.
TT: That was important for me because I feel like, also, you know as women there’s an automatic [assumption that] boys wear blue and girls wear pink. How the f–ck do you know if I want to be in pink all day? Don’t automatically assume that my sh-t must be pink, you know what I’m saying? I wanted to make something that was unisex because, honestly, you know, men and women should be able to wear whatever color they want.

E!: Your husband Iman has impeccable style? Did he have any say in this? Do you guys exchange fashion advice ever?
TT: You know that’s my partner in crime. He’ll be in his closet [and] I’ll be in my closet he’s like ‘What you wearing? What are we doing today?’ That’s us. We [are] like twins. So, whenever he needs advice from me, he come to me I got him, and vice versa.

E! What is it like dressing Junie for school?
TT: Oh my god, I mean, Junie picks out her own clothes, no matter how tired she is [in the morning]… I’m just like ‘Well you know what, girl, do your thing.’ I’m just the hands to put them on you. You can do whatever you want.

E!: What do you love about sharing your family dynamic on the show We Got Love Teyana & Iman
TT: The same thing with fashion, I feel like there are a lot of people out there that are like us, and they don’t really get to see a lot of positive representations of black love, you know, and not just black love but like young love, you know I’m saying? We [are] young and making it happen. There’s a lot of people out there, like a lot of couples out there like us, that we don’t get to see because we caught up in a lot of other things.

E! What excites you most about New York Fashion Week being back?
TT: I mean, that it’s back, that’s what excites me most. You know it’s been a rough, what? Year and a half? And, you know, I’m just happy it’s back and I’m happy that I get to make my debut and we’re back outside.

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