India vs Australia – Ball-by-ball – how Glenn Maxwell conjured another miracle

Chasing a target of 223 was always going to be a tough ask, and Australia’s task seemed to get that much tougher when they were left with 43 to get from just two overs. However, with Glenn Maxwell still around, India knew that the game wasn’t quite done just yet. Indeed, Maxwell, with some help from Matthew Wade, pulled off yet another miraculous chase, as he rained fours and sixes across the stadium to stun the Guwahati crowd. Here’s how ESPNcricinfo’s commentators recorded the manic last two overs that also included a potential stumping ruled out for a no ball.


Axar to Wade, FOUR runs
Too full to Wade and he absolutely muscles that through the covers, beats a diving long-off as well for four!


Axar to Wade, 2 runs
Short and towards the hips, Wade pulls it away towards long leg and Tilak Varma does very well to cover ground to his left and save two


Axar to Wade, FOUR runs
Just over SKY for four more! Outside off, Wade frees his arms with hard hands again, and the ball just evades a leaping SKY at cover to find the gap in the deep


Axar to Wade, (no ball)
Well wide outside off to try and beat Wade’s bat, and it does beat his bat. It’s called a wide but Kishan has whipped the bails off quickly and they’re checking for a stumping now. No edge first of all, going by the protocol. Wade’s back foot his outside the crease when he misses the ball, but Kishan’s collection is such that the third umpire says his gloves are not completely behind the stumps, so that’s not legal and called a no-ball


Axar to Wade, SIX runs
Fuller now towards Wade, he goes down on a knee and dispatches that high into the sky on the leg side, smoking it for a six over long-on!


Axar to Wade, 1 run
95kmh, doesn’t give him the length or width now, Wade swings again but mistimes it to long-on for one


Axar to Maxwell, 4 byes
Beats Maxwell’s bat but Kishan misses it and it’s gone for four byes! Outside off, Maxwell takes out the reverse, the ball goes under the bat and Kishan puts his hand up to apologise after missing that

22 from the last over, they need 21 more. Prasidh’s last over gave India a lot of confidence though. India are behind the over rate so only four fielders in the deep


Prasidh to Wade, FOUR runs
Starts with a short ball at 135.5kmh and Wade will take that happily because there’s pace on the ball, fine leg is in the deep, and he can pull that late to send it crashing into the long leg boundary


Prasidh to Wade, 1 run
It’s a slower one at 122.4kmh nearly in the block hole and Wade middles the lofted drive, doesn’t carry to deep cover though


Prasidh to Maxwell, SIX runs
It’s too wide on the off side, he has a lot of room to free his arms and he waits before slicing that right over Rinku Singh’s head at deep cover. The field placement was right, but the connection even better


Prasidh to Maxwell, FOUR runs
The crowd cannot believe it, it’s four more! Short and wide, slices that late and even though the connection didn’t look good enough this time, it was enough to beat a sprinting deep third behind square


Prasidh to Maxwell, FOUR runs
Maxwell gets to another stunning century! It’s a full toss – was it above the waist though – and Maxwell won’t leave that. He heaves it to to leg and finds the gap between long-on and deep midwicket to send it to the boundary for four

Two to win, one for Super Over. Gaikwad, Kishan, SKY and Prasidh in a conference now, Axar joins them too. Maxwell and Wade take their helmets off to breathe. Some fans have their faces buried in their hands, some are biting away at their nails, some praying, some on their feet


Prasidh to Maxwell, FOUR runs
Maxwell has done it and stunned the crowd! Full, straight, and Maxwell sends it back straight over the bowler’s head to run into Wade’s hug with a massive smile that didn’t leave him since his fifty

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