India: ₹62 Uber Ride Turns Into ₹7.66 Crore Bill

Just Imagine! You a book a simple auto ride costs Rs.62 and bizarre scenario unfolds when the ride ended up with a jaw-dropping bill of Rs. 7.66 crore! Same happened to Deepak Tenguriya, a resident of Noida, when he booked an auto ride through Uber India.

In the early hours of the day, Deepak expected a routine fare of Just ₹62 for his journey. However, upon reaching his destination, he was stunned to see the mind-boggling amount of ₹7.66 crore on his Uber app, even though the ride hadn’t ended.

The Details

The shocking ordeal went viral when Deepak’s friend, Ashish Mishra, shared a video clip on the social media platform X, where Deepak can be seen discussing the exorbitant bill. In the video, Deepak reveals the staggering amount and expresses disbelief at the unexpected charges.

Breaking down the details, Deepak informed that he was charged ₹1,67,74,647 as the trip fare, while as astronomical ₹5,99,09189 was attributed to waiting time. To add to the incredulity, only ₹75 was deducted as a promotional cost.

Deepak points out that waiting charges shouldn’t have been applied since the driver didn’t have to wait for him. He even jokes about never encountering so many zeros in a bill before.

Adding humorous, Ashish quips that even a trip to the moon via Chandrayaan wouldn’t cost as much. The whole episode swiftly went viral, with Ashish jokingly suggesting that Deepak might consider buying an Uber franchise with his unfound wealth.

Following the uproar, Uber India’s Customer Support team issued an apology and assured Deepak that they were investigating the matter. Their response on X stated that they were looking into the issue and promised to provide an update soon.

Let’s hope that Deepak’s auto ride bill is swiftly corrected, and he doesn’t end up accidentally becoming a billionaire!

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