Honda Raises Car Prices Up to PKR 5.5 Lacs

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd. has raised Honda car prices up to PKR 5.5 lacs. Since the beginning of 2023, Toyota and BAIC have already introduced new and increased prices for their cars, and now, Honda has followed suit.

In a notice issued on 23rd January 2023, Honda Atlas Pakistan stated that they needed to increase their cars’ prices due to uncertain economic conditions, inflation in material cost, and forex volatility. These factors are out of the company’s control and hence, have resulted in the price hike of almost all models. Here are all the new prices:

Honda City New Prices

Honda City M/T 1.2L was previously of Rs. 3,769,000, but after a hike of Rs. 300,000 costs Rs. 4,069,000. 

Honda City CVT 1.2L was previously charged at Rs. 3,899,000, but after a price hike of Rs. 300,000 costs Rs. 4,199,000.

Honda City CVT 1.5L used to cost Rs. 4,139,000, but after a price hike of Rs. 310,000, it now costs Rs. 4,449,000.

Honda City Aspire M/T 1.5L used to cost Rs. 4,299,000. Honda has raised its price by Rs. 330,000 and now costs Rs. 4,629,000.

Honda City Aspire CVT 1.5L used to cost Rs. 4,479,000. Now, its price has been raised by Rs. 320,000, and its new price is Rs. 4,799,000.

Honda BR-V New Prices

Honda BR-V CVT S used to cost Rs. 4,939,000. Honda has raised the car price by Rs. 360,000, and the new cost is Rs. 5,299,000.

Honda HR-V New Prices

Honda HR-V VTI used to cost Rs. 5,999,000. Honda has raised the price by Rs. 400,000, and the new price is Rs. 6,399,000.

Honda HR-V VTI S used to cost Rs. 6,199,000. After raising the price by Rs. 400,000, it now costs Rs. 6,599,000.

Honda Civic New Prices

Honda Civic 1.5L M-CVT used to be of Rs. 6,349,000. After an increase of Rs. 500,000, the new price is Rs. 6,849,000.

Honda Civic 1.5L Oriel M-CVT used to cost Rs. 6,599,000. It now costs Rs. 7,099,000 after an increase of Rs. 500,000.

Honda Civic RS 1.5L LL-CVT was previously of Rs. 7,549,000. After an increase of Rs. 550,000, it now costs Rs. 8,099,000.



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