GuGu Gigi EV Price Dropped by Rs. 750,000

The wave of price decreases has continued in the local market. After Kia, Peugeot, and Suzuki, GuGu Motors is the latest company to reduce the rates for its electric hatchback, the GiGi EV. If you remember, the small car was displayed at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) 2023, where it got a lot of traction from the customers, and we brought both a first look and expert review for you guys, which you can read here and here. And now, it may get the attention of customers once again, as the company has rather silently decreased its price. 

GuGu GiGi Revised Price 

According to a company official, the new revised price of the GiGi EV is Rs. 3,900,000 compared to the old Rs. 4,650,000, meaning it is reduced by a significant Rs. 750,000. So, if you are a fan of this small electric car, you may visit the nearby dealership and book one. 

To get more information and know about the car, here is a recap of its salient specs, features, economy and maintenance details. 


The MG Comet inspires the overall design of the GiGi EV, a two-door car with keyless entry. The emblem is kept illuminated, along with a beefy profile to offset the first impact of compactness by adding curvatures to the outer body.

GiGi Exterior

It has an upright front with a bulky hood, unique headlamps, and DRLs combined with old-fashioned halogen LED indicators. Having projected bumpers, brake lights, a reverse lamp, and a parking sensor, it has all the needed features for a city commuter. However, the 13-inch tires and fake diffusers don’t comply with the overall beefy exterior.

Its shorter wheelbase gives it an incredible turning radius, but the suspension seems compromised and less reliable on bumpy city roads.


The upright interior of the GiGi EV will force you to forget all the flaws of the exterior. Specifically, its cushioned bucket-style seats will force you to depress the pedal to take a glimpse of a race track. Its entry and exit are quite comfortable, along with the modern aesthetics of the front cabin.

Being a two-door car, it is difficult to accommodate four adults inside; however, the rear seats are best suited for kids, provided with compromised legroom.


Safety nuggets and driver assistance features matter the most today, deciding upon the futuristic appeal of a car, and for sure, GiGi EV hits that mark. With a 7-inch information cluster panel with battery charging details, driving range, AC controls, tire pressure monitoring system, reverse camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and parking sensorit provides a host of useful features.

Moreover, the steering wheel is accommodated with cruise control, speed limiter, and audio buttons to enhance driving convenience. However, the safety features of ABS, traction control, ABD, and all-wheel disc brake add roadworthiness to this compact electric car.

Fuel Economy

Electric cars are massively judged concerning mileage and charging ability. With a 16.8 KWh usable battery, a driving range of 220 Km, and a charging time of 6 hours, it is definitely a better option than a gasoline engine.

It gives a top speed of 80 km at normal speed and a speed of 110 km in sport mode, along with a minimum mileage of 130 and a maximum of 160 without AC.

GiGi EV Maintenance

It a free maintenance car with a number of 3000 charging cycles per battery that reduces efficiency to 70% after 500,000 Km.

PakWheels always believes in bringing honest reviews to its readers. We look forward to how GiGi EV performs on the roads and wish them luck. If you want to support our mission, head on over to our website to read more articles and news related to the automotive market.

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