Everything we know about ‘Coke Studio 15’

Coke Studio Season 15 is set to release on April 14. Featuring 11 original songs, the new season will reflect the diversity of Pakistani culture, languages, genre, and experiences, anchored in Pakistan’s passion and love for music.

With powerhouse producer and curator Zulfiqar (Xulfi) Jabbar Khan at the helm, each song in Season 15 is a collaboration, a story woven with threads of artistry and fraternity. The upcoming season will build on a legacy of compelling visual storytelling by some of Pakistan’s most progressive directors, including Awais Gohar, Murtaza Niaz, Jamal Rahman, Zain Peerzada, and Luke Azariah, alongside Coke Studio stalwarts Zeeshan Parwez and Kamal Khan.

“This season celebrates the enduring power of art, the power of music – the power of love, of warmth, and of connection. Each story and world is built on Pakistan’s rich and diverse tapestry: both its heritage and future, fostering a sense of shared identity,” said Xulfi.

With over 24 million subscribers, over 5 billion views on digital platforms, and streaming in over 180 countries, Coke Studio has been credited with bridging barriers and nurturing culture within South Asia, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for shared heritage. Coke Studio launched in 2008 in Pakistan featuring established and emerging artists from various genres. 

The season reveal video can be viewed here: 

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