Everything to Know About Jennie Nguyen, RHOSLC’s New Housewife

When asked if she has drama with anyone this season, she played coy, “You have to stay tuned and watch for that. Of course there’s always conflict with friendships, with relationships with our spouses. There’s always conflict, you can’t avoid that.”

She Was Just as Shocked By Jen Shah’s Arrest as Her Co-Stars

Jennie said of co-star Jen Shah’s arrest this season, “You guys see in the trailer that we were so shocked sitting there, seeing all these federal agents come for Jen. We were all shocked. We didn’t know what was going on at all. I don’t know Jen very well at all. This is the first season, I’m trying to get to know her, so I was very calm because I didn’t know what happened to overreact.”

“I tried to be logical, I tried to think clearly before jumping into judgment,” Jennie continued. “You hear what the press said, but you truly don’t know the facts, so I am just going to be neutral about it because I trust our legal system here and I am not going to jump to any conclusions or make any judgments. What I’m focusing on is being a good human, being nice and kind and supportive for her because she’s a mom, she’s a wife, that’s what she needs most is someone to be there and understand her. Whatever her legal issue is, she has a lot on her plate and I’m not one to interfere and make judgment. I’m just trying to be nice and kind.”

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