Destiny 2: Xbox Game Pass Updates and Festival of the Lost 2021


  • Destiny 2 is now available with Xbox Game Pass for PC.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can utilize Cross Save functionality across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
  • The Festival of the Lost event is now live featuring a new matchmade activity, new cosmetics, and a new Pulse Rifle.

Starting today, Destiny 2 joins more than 100 incredible titles on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Become a member today and gain access to all three Destiny 2 expansions: Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and the game-changing Beyond Light.

But wait! Maybe you’re like me and play on both Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. We thought about that and worked with Xbox to also launch Destiny 2 with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Not only does this get you all the amazing social features of Xbox Live Gold, but thanks to Destiny 2’s Cross Save functionality, having it also means that you can continue your Guardian’s progress no matter which platform you log in on.

A Free Festival for Everyone

The timing of the Xbox Game Pass update couldn’t be better. The leaves are changing color and there’s a chill in the oncoming winter air that makes playing video games with a hot cocoa nearby just a little extra cozy.

Destiny 2

In the world of Destiny 2, this time of the year also means the start of Festival of the Lost. A free event where the citizens of the Last City celebrate the lives of those they’ve lost. Imagine a combination of Day of the Dead and Halloween and you’ll start getting close to the vibe.

Oh, also dinosaurs. Did I mention there are dinosaurs this year? There are dinosaurs this year.

In addition to the prehistoric rock stars, there’s a new matchmade activity called Haunted Sectors, new cosmetics to collect, a new Pulse Rifle, and the introduction of a new lore-filled feature called the Book of the Forgotten. Sound like your cup of tea cocoa? Cool. Let’s get spooky.

Destiny 2

Haunted Sectors
New in 2021, Haunted Sectors are a three-player matchmade activity that challenges Guardians to brave three different terrifying tales. Perhaps your fireteam will confront headless creatures on the Moon, or maybe you’ll travel to Nessus, where a Guardian is on the run — being hunted for their Ghost. In the third Haunted Sector, an Exo and Vex Mind have merged and, much like Frankenstein’s Monster, they’ve become something new and are very much… alive. Survive each spooktacular scenario and candy won’t be the only thing sweetening your success.

It Pays to Be Brave
This year introduces new cosmetics, papercraft masks, dinosaur armor ornaments, and (with our dinosaur obsession running rampant) even a new dino-themed weapon. Harness power unseen since the Mesozoic era with the new Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle. Deliver miniature extinction events with every press of the trigger while you zoom around on the new Exotic Sparrow.

Destiny 2

No Festival of the Lost would be complete without the proper costumes and this year is no exception. Everyone’s favorite eye-catching papercraft masks are back! If you missed out on any of your favorites from previous years, you’ll have a chance to collect them alongside some cool new ones.

Normally, it’s hard to think of something more suited for an event like this than masks. But with the help of our community, I think we nailed it…

Team Dino
Earlier in the year, we were at a crossroads. An impossible choice with two right answers… or so we thought. We needed to pick between two different armor ornaments to add to the game and, even within the studio, there was no agreement in sight. And so, we asked the community to save the day by choosing one for us.

The brawl was fierce, and the social media discussion was spirited. But in the end, it was the triumphant roar of #TeamDino that rang throughout the Last City streets.

Destiny 2

We’re proud to announce that the #TeamDino ornaments are now available for purchase at the Eververse store. Good game and well played to everyone who participated in the vote. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Book of the Forgotten
A new lore-focused feature of Festival of the Lost makes its debut this year. The new Book of the Forgotten can be found in the Tower and is, regrettably, incomplete. That’s where you come in. Collect the lost pages, unlock new stories, and immortalize Festival of the Lost 2021 with a completed tome.

Save the Universe Your Way

Master the mouse and keyboard at your battle station or get comfy on the couch with your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. However you play, Xbox Game Pass gives you the power of choice and Bungie’s Cross Play ensures that no matter which platform you pick, all of your friends are just an invite away.

Destiny 2

So, join me in pumpkin-spicing everything, buying bags of single-serving candy we have no intention of handing out, and finding the most brightly lit room in the house to run a Haunted Sector in. Festival of the Lost starts today.

See you starside, Guardian.

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