Cassette Beasts Multiplayer Update is Out Now

Hey, Folks!

We’re so excited to be able to say our new Cassette Beasts

Multiplayer Update is now out!

This new update brings some cool new ways to play together with friends:

  • Party-up with up to eight players, all visible in your world as you travel.
  • Battle your friends in 1v1, and even assign custom rules to your battle such as enabling/disabling sticker attributes.
  • Trade tapes with each other.
  • Team up for raid battles against Rogue Fusions.

Exciting right? Let’s get into it!

Feeling lonely? Now you can bring your friends!

Eight players can connect via a shared code (even across different platforms) to play together in Online Mode as you all progress through the story of Cassette Beasts – even if you’re in wildly different places! You can follow along with everyone’s progress by watching them on the world map, you’ll even receive progress notifications on how other players are doing and what milestones they’ve completed. What a perfect time to text them a bunch of cryptic emojis or knowing winks. If you get stuck in any section, your buddies can track you down and give you a helping hand on how to progress. Don’t worry, though, even when connected, your game is safe from outside interference and does not impact the story or cutscenes in the current game.

By easily locating your friends on the map, you can even send them direct invitations for the next neat features coming with this whopper of an update, so without further ado, let’s talk about Raids!

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Now you can take on Roaming Fusions with your friends! These are powerful Beasts waiting to take on your team in the open world of New Wirral. Only by teaming up with your fellow adventurers will you have a chance to defeat them. Surely, you’re asking, why risk life and limb on these titans of Beast-kind? Great rewards, is why! From challenging, and defeating, these Rogue Fusions you will receive the new “Cyber Material” item, which, after showing it to Captain Codey, can be used to “hack” a Rogue Fusion to turn it into a bootleg. If you’re looking for a specific Bootleg, what better way to collect them than with the help of a buddy!

Speak of your buddies, it’s time to move on to… 1v1 Battling!

CB battle

Have an on-going bet with your friends about who has the best Beast squad? Now you can settle it with in-game, 1v1 battles! Take on another and prove your Beast-besties have nothing on your team!

Not only can you go head-to-head with your rivals, you can also set custom rules to make things interesting. Just off the top of our domes, here are some ways to make things a little more challenging when battling your buds:

  • Levels: You can keep your current levels or temporarily set both players to either level 50 or level 100 to make the battle fair.
  • Fusion: You can enable or disable fusion for battle, as well as set whether players can use “Fusion Power” (if they’ve unlocked it with their current partner)
  • Sticker Attributes: You can enable or disable Sticker Attributes for a battle.
  • Duplicate Stickers: You can enable or disable the effects of having multiple versions of the same sticker applied to a tape.

And on Stickering, the next to tackle on our list is… Trading!

Have you been drooling over your friend’s custom starter Beast with the +1 slot but have yet to find that sticker in your game? That’s where Trading comes in. You’ll now be able to swap Beasts with your friends, or even random players in Randomizer Mode. If you’ve connected via Online Play, you can select the player you’d like to trade with on the world map and ask them to swap Beasts (which includes any stickers placed on the tapes). Finally, no more Beast-envy when you can share your prized Cassettes!

Well, you get the jist – experiment and see what fun restrictions you can set for yourselves!

We’re so excited to see your screenshots and best team moments! Share your Multiplayer memories with us by tagging us @byttenstudio or, better yet, join our Discord where you can chat with other friends, find groups to join, and share your biggest and best moments.

See you in New Wirral!

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