Cannon Cooks Up Some Action in the New Rogue Company Update

Meet Rogue Company’s newest Rogue! This jovial and witty Rogue grew up in Kansas City on a diet of action movies, pro wrestling, and mouth-watering BBQ. Joining the Army in the hopes of becoming a machine gunner on an attack helicopter, Cannon was crushed to learn that his pro-wrestling physique made him too big for the role. Despite the setback, Cannon proved himself as one of the best and most reliable machine gunners within the Rangers before joining Rogue Company. His interest in cooking is much appreciated by fellow Rogues, as they get to eat some of the best ribs in the country thanks to Cannon’s fantastic barbequing skills. On top of his marvelous culinary skills, Cannon loves to show off his wrestling expertise on unsuspecting enemies, providing some great “Hollywood moments” as he likes to call them.

“Cannon is a brand new defender that lives by the motto “The best defense is a good offense!” He brings a positive attitude and firepower for days,” explains Cannon’s Designer, Nick Keogh. “You’ll be sending your opponents running scared with the devastating new Gatling Gun ability. My personal favorite thing about Cannon is easily his own custom built theme song, which you can hear while his ability is active. He’s a ton of fun to play and I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the newest Rogue!”

Cannon’s a thrill seeking and energetic Rogue, so it would only make sense that he would have a gatling gun, right? Cannon’s gatling gun ability provides overwhelming power to zone out an enemy push and take control of the situation. He can mount his gatling gun to cover as well to truly get the upper hand. Accuracy is important as Cannon’s passive, Conflict Connoisseur, allows a chance for ammo to be returned to your current magazine – but only if you land your shots. Feel like making an even bigger impact? Equip Cannon’s new melee weapon, a sledgehammer!

Ready for the Halloween season? This update not only features a new Rogue, but also some spooky new cosmetics! Cannon and new cosmetics are available now in the latest Rogue Company update on Xbox One & Xbox X|S!

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